Date night with MaxieBoo

This entry is a week late but that's just because old age is kickin' in.

One of my "sons" texted couple of weeks ago and invited me to go to a volleyball match between UW Huskies and WA State. Since I haven't seen any of the matches I immediately sai yes to MaxieBoo. I've been out of town everytime the Huskies are playing home and I'm quite disappointed with my attendance.

Couple of things we wanted to do at date night... Pre-funk, see the match, MOTHER & SON BONDING and a couple of hidden agendas.
MaxieBoo's smile was too precious. You can just see the joy that he is having. When I showed him the pic after taking it, he said "I'm so happy and it shows in the pic."
Huskies won 3-0 vs Cougars!

I was so glad we got to spend time together that night. We are getting closer day by day and I'm glad I was able to help him with some of the stuff that he is going through. Whenever I need somebody to talk to or he sees me looking troubled, he is always there for me.
Our motto for our date night was WINNING!!!
We scored 3-0 that night and its up to you guys to figure out what that means!

Love You MaxieBoo!
not using xoxo,

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