CPR Certification

My Supervisor sent me a late text message last night informing me about a CPR class that he signed me in last minute. I've been trying to dodge it for the longest time but because I have so much requirements to finish coz my birthday just passed he saw a long list of what I haven't done.

I came in to the class not knowing that there would be a roomful of people taking it. I thought it was just a small group but I was wrong.

There was a lot of information but the goal was to be more hands on so we gain more muscle memory to it and when needed be able to perform.

I named my dummy Sam BUT he is Samantha at night. Lol! We had close to good make out sesh!

After working on the adult Sam they pulled out an infant dummy and I was right, even when she was younger she was already confused werqing some pink and blue ensemble. Haha.

Well I am proud to say that I am a Certified CPR cardholder for the next 2 years. I hope I won't be using this skills that I just learned sometime soon but hen I do, I'm praying I'd be able to help somebody and their family in the future.

not using xoxo,

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