Christmas Spirit

It's been almost 10 since we moved to Seattle and this is the 1st time that we had a Christmas tree. My parents lived in the same apartment complex but different apartments and we never really had a chance to put up a tree. My parents normally has a small one that you can buy from a store and surround it with my dads Angel figurine collection and then I had this lil tree thingie that you hang on your window.

We moved to a house August and my mom and I was excited for Christmas to come and just imagine this very spot for a Christmas tree. She initially put up the tree last week but I was out of town and didn't have a chance to re-decorate it until today. I remember getting this box of purple ornaments from the building monitor from our old apartment and just collaborated those with the ones with what my mom bought.

After 3 hours of decorating this afternoon, my mom went home at midnight with all smiles after seeing the tree. Warms my heart and I can't wait for our next tree.

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