Ugly Christmas Sweater

It was that time of the year once again for some Ugly Christmas Sweaters! And every year, Vka and Chucka would host an Ugle Christmas Sweater party at their place. It's basically a kick off the holidays and Vka's birthday.

I was excited to see what everybody came up with but as usual I wasn't able to take pics as much. (Gosh! I really really need a new camera or even an iPhone4s would do) It was a slow start of a party since everybody was watching the NCAA Volleball match between USC and Pepperdine. It got a lil annoying until Vka turned off that TV and cranked the music up. Shots! Shots! Shots! Haha!
Here is 2 sets of pictures that night...
My personal faves and prolly the ones who has big surprises every year are T and Vka. All those glitters and huge red bow just nailed the look of the night.

Amber on his shredded sweater and Bitter on his diamond Victoria Secret Angel sweater (he used my dads gloves as his wings). My son MaxiBoo opted to a Mexican inspired sweater that he bought from Urban Outfitters that day. As for me, I've been asking my mom if she has an ugly holiday sweater and she kept saying no. It was last minute when i decided to rade her closet and BAM! instantly I found this Vintage Holiday Sweater that I remember her wearing a lot... well... she claims she used to wear it alot. She said she got it from Grandma and she felt bad throwing it away. I died when I felt the shoulder pads but was not excited that the sweater didn't have any waist cinching. But it all worked out and I had a blast that night.
Thanks again Vka and Chucka for hosting another great party! The huge Christmas tree was a hit as always! Can't wait for the next one!

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