So I've been keeping up with the "trend" on social networking and Thursdays is ones of my favorite days because I get to post somethinig throwback photos. I don't mean to go crazy and go back to college or highschool days that wont be cute(if you know what I mean). This previous Thursday, I found some pictures that was seriously a blast from the past when I just moved here in Seattle and before Thirsty Thursdays happened. I don't know how I'd feel on how I look but at the same time you just have to laugh about it. LOL!

I think I was about 20 or 21 on this picture. (yes, I had a fake ID just like more than half of the teens nowadays) We would hit up Rplace and just stay on the 2nd floor and play pool a lot of the nights.

Who doesn't love 80's music? Before Thirsty Thursdays there was 80's night at Neighbours nightclub. I remember working until 1230am in the same hospital I work at now and would be in a hurry after work just to go dancing couple of blocks away from work. I am a 80's baby so listening to this music is definitely my jam and definitely brings back tons of memories from childhood back home. I shared the same liking with tons of friends who upto now we share some laughs whenever we remember those nights.

I'm looking forward to more #throwbackthursdays and would try to dig to some more old pics that reminds me of the good 'ol days. Its refresing and a great reminder of who I am now.

not using xoxo,

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