A long due visit

This visit has been long way due from my BabyBoi. He lives on the eastern side of Washington and we barely see each other. He's been busy with Student teaching and getting tons of things done with school before he graduates. Both of us finally had the same schedule available for him to visit. 

What's the agenda? I asked. And of course he responds immediately "BARS!!!"

Boo offered his place for us to prefunk before hitting the bars.

Naturally, we would be by the kitchen busy with our drinks with tons of catching up to do.

I discovered this weekend that this guy likes to make funny faces when getting his picture taken. Hence, he is my best snapchatter I thought it was so adorable.

This is not something new to me. I remember when he turned 21 and we hit up the same bar at Capitol Hill, he did the same poses and occurrence. He just can't get enough of this pole. LOL!

I couldn't resist but to take this picture and it couldn't be more perfect than this! Haha!

Some of the girls that came out with us that night joined the pole party.

Of course, I was sporting my new favorite lippies, MAC Rebel.

Of course! Gotta tip them go go dancers in style!

Posing for another pic!
I love this guy!

On our way to late night after hours sushi at Genki. 
Gotta do the cliche pose with this guy.
I think it was Jimmy Hendricks.

Here are more pics of pics from prefunkin at Boo's place. 
The pics above was a mix of Thursday and Friday. Possibly Saturday too.

We don't know what exactly are we doing on this pic but we all thought it was adorable.

Molly (Poppa Twinky's lil sister) came out with us. 

Got to hang out with JR as well after awhile. We barely see each other now.

I had a blast this past weekend and I'm really glad I got to spend time with BabyBoi. He has so much dreams to reach and he is getting there lil by lil. I can't wait for him to graduate and move to Seattle and hopefully get to and spend more time together.

I love you BabyBoi!!!

not using xoxo,

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