Sheona Traylor - the Thirsty Thursday virgin

It was a visit long way due. My really good friend who we call Sheona Traylor came to visit us in the Pacific Northwest. She flew in at Portland then drove to Seattle as soon as she landed. She actually tried to surprise me with this visit but somehow I found out about the surprise a week before she told me. And in return, I surprised her by playing on the same team as her in the USAV Puget Sound Region tournament.

Sheona made sure that we hit up Thirsty Thursday and of course I'm up for it. Little did she know, she is in for a surprise. She barely drinks and the Pacific Northwest is notorious for this hence "Thirsty Thursdays." Shots after cocktails and repeat! That was the theme of the night and I could tell that Sheona can barely keep up. What I am proud of was that she neever said no to any of it and just sucked it up and chugged them drinks!

Before anything went down, I made sure we take a picture together coz I could tell that the night could easily get blurry with the drinks just kept coming.

Went to the backstage after the show and played on some hurr!

(L-R) La Saveona Hunt, Sheona Traylor Hunt and Alessandra Hunt.

Had a blast catching up with my sister Sheona! I'm really sad that I won't be able to make it to your SFO Tournament this year... you know... PRIORITIES! LOL!

not using xoxo,

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