USAV Puget Sound Regional

I wasn't planning on playing this tournament but since it was the last one for our region then might as well. My friend Sheona Traylor flew in from San Francisco to play with our team which she tried to surprise me with but I ended up surprising her when she found out that day that I was in the same team she was playing in.

The gym was literally in the middle of nowhere down in Puyallup. This was my view on top of the morning when we had to officiate the first match.

And of course, I managed to hurt myself in the last tournament. I was going for a swing in the outside when I slipped on my first step and rolled my ankle pretty bad. My first thought was "Shit! We only have 6 and if I dropped, the whole team might be dropped for the tournament." I tried to get a feel of it and it was painful. We had an automatic medical timeout so I had time to walk it off. The team then decided to switch me to setting so its less jumping for me. We pulled off a 4-2 pool play standing and was seeded 3rd coming in to the tournament play.

We had great runs and matches all day but by the finals match we were all tired from non stop playing and ended up finishing 2nd place. I should say though that it wasn't bad and I'm not bitter about it. We had a great season winning 2 tournaments. And the priceless memories and fun that we had on this tournament was something to treasure for a lifetime.

(L-R) RochelleRochelle(?), Penetra, Idaho, Sheona, ChaCha and Nicki Minaj

Looking foward for future tournaments with you guys again. This is the volleyball that I know, competitive but fun is always priority... well maybe those occasional injuries. LOL!

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