Life according to Tumblr/Instagram - April

I've been so busy last month and early this month that I haven't even posted anything here. 
But April is pretty much about my trip with my friends and Boo (our first trip together - flying) to LA, which I clearly has been procrastinating writing a blogpost about. I've been posting more on my Tumblr lately which is easier sometimes coz it's connected with my Instagram (private account, sorry! But you can see most post on my Tumblr) and is basically my photo diary - less details or stories when I post here like I normally would post. My obsession with quotes continues and growing since it's such an "IN" thing to do on social mdeia sites (I even made couple of it my own).

I hope I get into writing my post about our LA trip. That was such a much needed get away and would love to share those memories here as well.

not using xoxo,

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