My Metro Promise

I've been telling my coworker Michele for a year and a half now that I'll be starting taking the Metro going to work. One, it saves me money from parking and two, I live like 14 blocks away from me literally.
My friends has been making fun of me as well about driving to work instead of taking the metro.

FINALLY!!! I took the Metro today after promising in forever!

I don't know what time I should leave and what's the estimate of travel time. I normally leave at 625am when I drive and I get to work just in time. I was planning on leaving at 6am but as usual I was running late and didn't get out my doorstep until 610am. I was worried that I won't make it on time of swiping in at 630am but to my surprise I arrived at work at 625am (the normal time I leave home when I drive).

20 minutes was faster than I thought. Why? Coz i have to climb couple of blocks up of (Mount) Seneca (i was gonna take a picture but it was still dark out). Downtown Seattle is pretty famous with its hills ala San Francisco area (well less steep at least). Tons of my friends working downtown would know just like my friend Anton who conquers (Mount) Madison which is way harder then the one I'm taking.

I'm hoping to keep this up and hoping this is my start. I know it's kind of stupid to start doing this when summer is over but then I have to start somewhere. It just so happen it's the wrong season.

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