My Metro Promise

I would say today was pretty much a good day for me. Not to mention is was my 2nd day of keeping my Metro Promise (yes folks, from now on that's what in gonna call it whenever I take the bus to work and mostly walk home).
I just wanted to share this picture that i took from my iPhone. I've been living south of downtown (SODO as what we call it) for almost 8 years now and I've always admired the view of downtown right when I walk of my apartment main door. Today was no different, as I was walking home from work and now two blocks away from home, I looked back at this view and I just couldn't help it but to take a picture and admire the view ones again.

Seattle is really pretty. As a matter of fact I love living here. Just the pace and surroundings makes me almost feel like I'm back home in the Philippines. I'm used to the wet and dry weather coz that's all we have back home, so experiencing 4 seasons in one day here in Seattle doesn't bother me as much. But I love it when its in a good day like this, and mind you it's already October.

I hope this continues a lil bit more. At least it won't be freezing on my walk home.

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