First Snow Night

Well it looks like the snow gave us a huge opening night. I took a nap after work and the snow was just getting a lil crazy. My drive home was somewhat rough most especially my car is not snow ready. But I'm glad I made it home safe.

I took some pics around 3pm on my walk to my car then from my window in my apartment and took a nap til I woke up around 630 and it's definitely a huge change...

my walk to my car from work @ 310pm

heres my car Georgie after 8 hours of snow

taken from our open parking lot

snow at International Distric Transit Center @ 4pm

view of Seahawks stadium from my window

thats my car upfront 2nd car from the left @ 630pm

parking lot @ 1030.
notice the difference with the snow on my
car (still upfront 2nd car on d left

parking lot @ 1030pm

this is how i spent my night watching the snow
4 glass of em! haha!

Here's a video of my walk from work to my car @ 3pm ...

It looks like its gonna be like this for awhile. With the snow sticking the whole day and night, im not looking forward for my walk to work @ 6am tomorrow. I heard that people are stranded on the freeway either on the bus or their own vehicles. I hope everyone is safe!

I'll be documenting my walk tomorrow (cant wait how pretty would it be, all white everywhere hopefully and hopefully i wont be late. haha!!!

not using xoxo,

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