(GGW) Glee Gone Wild

Nope it's not my friend Grimace's version of Grimace Gone Wild of Body shots in Vegas for 2 years in a row but it is the cast of GLee who is going Glee Gone Wild!!!

I went a lil crazy when my friend Ace emailed this picture of Harry in the November cover of Yellow Magazine All I said was "Damn he is HOT!"

And then ...

Brandon who I call LeuxLeux (he is a Lululemon addict LOL) emailed this to me saying he is "et-way" after seeing this picture of Matthew Morrison aka Mr. Shuester and I totally agreed!

And finally, I remember watching some gossip news shows and seeing this pictures on several blog sites saying it's definitely Glee Gone Wild.

Diana, Cory and Lea on the covers of GQ!

Lea being risqué.

And Lea open for business. Haha. Jk.

Now, I wanna see more of the guys of Glee doing the same photo shoot all in one cover. That would be super hot! Haha!

I just love Glee! That's all!

not using xoxo,

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