The day after the first snow night

I had to wake up extra early the day after our first snow night in Seattle. I had to make extra time for travel. I normally leave home just about 5-10 minutes before my shift begins.

I don't know how many times I've said it but I love the snow. The aftermath? Not so much. The roads are ugly even if it's white snow on the side. It's a lil rough walking most especially walking up the hill of Mount Seneca as we call it (theres Mount Spring and Mount Madison as well where my friends climb everyday for work downtown). It was 18 degrees that morning almost the whole day and DAMN I was freezing.

Anyways, here's some pics I took that morning ...

Mount Seneca

The parking lot looked like a skating rink

I would not dare driving up or down that hill by work which I normally take when I drive to work.

Right outside the Emergency room where I work. The sun was blasting but it was still freezing although out the day.

I took some pictures as well on my way home and my fun snow walk home was fun.

I walk at Mount Spring when I walk home. I remember taking almost the same picture 2 years ago when it last snow in Seattle. This is not as pretty and white but it's close.

I can't believe how much people still decide to drive even after a crazy snow. I'll post a video on another post coming from the news on how crazy it was to drive the night before. Cars and buses sliding down the hills was pretty crazy. Cars hitting each other like it's a bumper car ride in an amusement park.

I enjoyed my walk home more than my walk to work just coz I saw more of what the snow the previous night brought. I stopped quite a few times trying to snap pictures.

My 30 minutes walk wasn't that bad, thanks to my trusted boots that my friend Eiryl bought me 2 years ago. I know it's old but I still love it and I still get compliments when I wear them.

Since I'm getting used to walking to work now maybe I'd keep doing it more rather than driving to work everyday. I know, I know, I should have been walking or taking the bus to work anyways coz i live really close but oh well.

Now should I be wishing for more snow days or not? Haha!

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