Columbia River and I-90 Vantage crossing

I went to Spokane,WA last weekend to play a USAV Volleyball tournament together with the West Side or should I say Team Fish. We had such a great weekend together starting of with a late start leaving Seattle but the drive was a lot of fun.

On our way back Momma Fish asked us if we wanted to see the Columbia River Vantage crossing look out. Of course we didn't say no since we all wanted to stretch our legs and massage our bums after thru half way thru drive.

When we got there I was just mesmerized with the view. If you happen to don't know, I love this kind of places. I love overlooking views like this and it relaxes me.

My son Nemo and I decided to walk further down just to take more pictures. While the Momma Fish, Grimace, Popeyes and Bratwurst decided to stay up right by where we parked.

Of course I have to have a picture of me with the view of the Vantage bridge/crossing

This is how far down we went and imagine the hike back up. I was dying!!!

Hopefully I get yo stop by again the next time I visit the east side. Apparently there's statue horses up the hill and it would be fun to take pictures there.

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