Mommy is sick


I got a text around lunch time from a number that I am not familiar with. Little did i know that it was my lil brother texting me using a free messaging app. He told me that he checked mom in to an Emergency room close by where I work. According to his text, my mom was having some chest pains and heart palpitations.
The last time she was in an ER or was admitted to the hospital was for the same thing about two years ago. This is nothing new to us/me since mom has occasional episodes like this ever since I was younger. I asked my brother to stay with her until I got done with work. BOO me coz I was late for work that day and couldn't leave early.

Once I got there I immediately asked my mom if she was stressing about something. Knowing her, I knew that something was bugging her since she was all over the place the previous day/night and went to bed pretty early than normal. I wouldn't say what it is but I have my suspicions. She confirmed my instincts but not fully. BINGO! I knew that it was the only reason that she would be stressing about something and I feel for her.
She was a little weak when I got there and had really low blood pressure. Her normal BP is 130/90 but she fluctuated from 120/70's down to 112/63's which was really scary. I asked my brother what exactly was she doing before leaving home for the ER. He said that they were eating breakfast and then she decided to lay down for a lil but while my brother took a shower to get ready for work. My brother said that as soon as he  out of the shower my mom asked him to accompany her to the ER. My mom added that she did a lil gardening earlier that morning and she thinks that she got tired fast.

After about 2 hours of being there, I haven't heard anything from the medical staff. I've seen them in and out of this one room and just keeps giving us little glares since our door was wide open. A nurse came in a lil later and informed us that the doctor decided to keep her for observation. The nurse asked if the doctor has checked with us and I immediately responded a huge "NO!". He said he will check with the doctor and apologized to be the one who told us first about her status. Couple of minutes later there was still no doctor and surprise, surprise, there was a shift change of  ER docs. This is very typical in the ER since this happens in the hospital I work at. The doc finally came in and informed us about the admit and explained that they just want to monitor her overnight and see what was causing her chest pains and palpitations. I immediately agreed to the doctor because I'd rather have her stay there and be monitored than go home and self diagnose.


I got a call from her around 5:10am just like any other weekday. I would normally ask her to wake me up in the morning since I always have a hard time waking up from my alarm (i know, I'm too old for this but I love it when mom wakes me up. Reminds me of my childhood days. haha!). I immediately picked up the phone since I've bn waking up every hour to check on my phone if my brother called or the hospital called. I asked her what was she doing up early and she said that the nurse was in her just to check on her and wanted to give me my wake up call. She sounds way better than yesterday and was able to converse with me stronger. She said that she feels a lot better today and was not as dizzy and weak as yesterday. We are both hoping that she gets to go home today and rest in own bed. The last thing she wants to happen is for her to stay ithe hospital longer coz that doesn't normally work for her and would rather be home. But then again, we shall see.

Later today...

I called my mom at lunch time and found out that she is discharged from the hospital. She is just waiting for discharge instructions and according to the doctor, her heart meds will be switched back to the one that works for her better. Mom was waiting for my brother to go back to the hospital as well since he had to go home and get our furnace appointment done, our house feels like a huge freezer already with the weather change.

I got home and Mom looks like nothing happened. She looks really strong and a lil bit stress free. Lola (Grandma) Emma was at home together with a friend to visit her and I bet she was happy to see her mom. I'm just so relived that mom is OK now. Hopefully she won't have another episode like this anytime soon. I'm working on getting her a better Primary Care Physician and hopefully a heart specialist where i work at so she can move forward and have better care for her condition. 

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all my family and friends who replied to my status on fb asking for prayers for my mom. 


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