Missing ur friends is such a Bitch

From playing all this volleyball tournaments with NAGVA and meeting a lot of people all around the US and Canada, I've really gotten close to my NorCak Volleywood family. I'm si glad that I've met then and had a chance to play with most of them this season.

It bites sometimes that they all in the Bay Area while I choose to stay in Seattle. I would love to hang out with them everyweek or even play open gyms with them every so often.

One of my friends down in the Bay Area John, that I usually talk to almost everyday sent me an IM telling me that they are all having dinner together after playing open gym. Then I sent a text to my friend who we call the HeirAce to hit him in the arm for me just because he is making me jealous but said that he is way across the table for him to do it. The HeirAce then surprised me with a video (below) of all of them saying Hi! I thought it was sweet of him but at the same time I was still "J". Haha!

I was actually out and about the same night with Grimace and at the same time my FAVORITE TWINKY ERIK BETZ went out so that we can catch since we havent seen each other for almost a month. After a couple of drinks at Purr, we decided to dance the night away at RPlace at 1am since its no cover charge to get in. I know we are cheap like that. LOL.

We then decided to eat some Chips and Artichoke dip that Grimace made for his bartender and bouncer friends at RPlace who I know at the same time. Out of of our excitement and probably intoxication, I decided to take a video that I can send the HeirAce since he knows Grimace and Twinky as well. Twinky decided to do this gymnatics moves which is perfect coz the HeirAce is known to be the Dominique Moceanu of NAGVA. LOL.

Next week, I'll be seeing my friends from the Bay Area and I cant wait to play volleyball, laugh and hang out with them once again! I'm looking forward for the weekend and hoping that it will be fun!

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