Boredom at Work

We were bored at work in a slow day in the Emergency Department. Normally, our Mondays are crazy. We don't know why people get sick over the weekend most of the time and comes Monday, patients decide to be seen.

We have this small intercom monitor in the front desk area and we decided to take pictures while each one is in the other end doing silly poses.

Rizza, the one in the middle pic threw in the idea per her excitement of notcig the new monitor which has been there forever. Can't blame her though, she is usually on another area.

So I posed first n thougt it was fun n had her go second. Eiryl, who works with us but moved to the graveyard shift came by comic from her second job from lunch break. She works for another hospital a block and a half away from where we work. After eatig her Teriyaki, I showed her the pics n asked her to do the same.

We were such kids doing this I know and maybe unprofessional. But then again, we have tk make work a lil more interesting and playful sometimes just to make our boredom pass by.

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