Hair Experiment

I was getting ready last to go to Changes at 45th for UW Club Mens Volleyball. While I was straightening my hair and was working in my top layers, I tied the longer layers if my hair and it looked like I just chopped my hair short.

Remember the Victoria Beckham Hair Craze? Yes, I followed that trend about 2 or 3 years ago. Eventhough iwas really scared to sit on my hairstylists hair and even I had confidence that he will do a great job since he has been doing my hair for years, I was scared of the change.

Anyway, I decided to post the picture on Facebook (pic on top) after I fixed my hair and made it look like I chopped it. I wanted to know with what my friends would say. I was scared that they would tell me that I look like a bubble head or it just looks super ugly. But then it looks like they liked it.

I've been growing out my hair and pobably won't make a visit with my hairdresser until April. I want it to be long so when summer comes I can rock on some sexy long beach waves but i have to admit, i liked this look and maybe someday I would have the courage of chopping it this short.


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