My San Jose Diaries (part 1)

our SJ team minus Vka

I'm currently sitting in the plane (sucks sitting in d middle but then again i cant complain, all i need is a drink and a cute guy in my right. Grandma kn my left but who cares lol)heading to another NAGVA tournament. But this tournament is extra special because it's my sisters in d Bay Areas hometown.

Just like Vancouver BC and Portland, the Bay Area has always been a home away from home to me. I remember playing my first NAGVA tournament around 2006 with Ben Boyles, Vka and Eric my Chics from Seattle joined with Sanjay, Ian and Gerry Lising from Vancouver BC, playing BB. That was an amazing experience for me. I think besides playing Portland Vancouver BC and Seattle, that was my first "out of town" tournament. I remember Ben, Chics n I making good memories in d bay area. Driving up to San Francisco the first night we arrived in San Jose and meeting up with our Islander sisters partying the night away in Badlands which is a recipe to hang over when we had to play early Saturday morning. Sure enough, we played with hang over.

We decided to stay in Saturday night and just looked for the closest liquor store. That was d same night that Ben taught me the number to text with d keyword of the place that you are looking for. (I don't remember it now, thanks to technology giving us Google maps and yelp! Lol)

An unexpected no show happened courtesy of Vka with our first match for tournament play that Sunday. Must have been another late night with the Islanders in the city. He then showed up later on but our chances of moving forward was already pretty low which leads on getting eliminated super early and as i remember I wasn't even lunch time yet. Lol!

The question is , what is there to do? Our flight is not until 8pm so we have a half day of nothing and we couldn't go back to our hotel room coz we checked out early in the morning already. Ben, Chics and I looked at each other with this lil grins on our faces. We knew what each other was thinking and we knew we want to make it happen. We then started driving down the hill from Foothill College where the tournament is being held. Now it probably makes u wonder what's down the hill. It is the same liquor store where we bought our drinks from the previous night. That time, the 10% Four Loko wasn't discovered yet and it was .8% Sparks was the Volleyball "drink". I remember when we got to the liquor store; I was trying to pull a Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie move on d cashier guy trying to get free stuffs but in that case it's free alcohol that I was aiming for. But sadly, no luck with that. LMAO!

After our failed adventure in the liquor store we headed back to the gym to kill time before our flight and watch couple of matches. That was the time that I met Mama Denise for the first time and admired the way she plays. Who would have known after 4 years we will be playing not only for the same tea. But also the same city where we first met. Anyways, out of boredom and probably couple of cans if Sparks, we invited a game to entertain ourselves more. It involves a can of Sparks and a Skinny Bitch on top of it. The goal of the game is to stand on top of he Sparks can the longest. As far as I remember Ben won that game but that doesn't mean Chics and I didn't put in good seconds on top of a can before it crashes. He face that Ben made when he passed the 10 seconds mark was precious. It was that face of shock and excitement combined into one no to mention the smile of a 4 year old in a candy store. Haha.

Flying back to Seattle, I know for a fact that even though we didn't bring home a medal, I still brought good memories, stories and new friendships home and I can tell this story over and over again.

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