Hanging out with my favorite Twinky

Last night I finally got to hang out with my favorite Twinky. With our work schedule just not matching hence the traveling that I've been doing with the NAGVA Tournaments that I've been playing plus Twinky traveling to Texas almost every other month to see his BF Ryan.

As soon as he arrived at Purr Cocktail Lounge last night I gave him a huge hug and I realized how much I miss him more than a text message that we would occasionally send each other.

After having couple of drinks, we decided to RPlace Nightclub to get on with sone dancing. Twinky has always been one of my favorite dancing partners. We used to just dance the night away even when he was still underage and would get into some clubs in Seattle.

To close out our night, we decided to meet up with Marc to get some Mexican fix from our hunger. Marc was working all night and as you can see from the picture, he was pretty thirsty and just chugging away with the Vodka Redbull that Grimace made.

In really looking forward with hanging out with Erik aka Twinky more in the future. I truly miss him, more than an occasional text message would say.

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