My first Sigma purchase

I've been wanting these Sigma brushes since it came out but never had a chance to really saved money for it. It's been awhile since I bought a brush set and my brushes are pretty old now but still usable . I guess it's my fault for not taking good care of them and not washing them on time.
I had to choose over 3 things. I knew I wanted to get the Synthetic Kabuki Kit (top right) because the foundation brush that I've been using looks and feels really old. No matter how much deep cleaning I do, it still gets sticky after couple of use which is never good. The kit cost $56 which is not too bad coz you get 4 face brushes compared to $32 a face brush from MAC. Now I had a toss up between the Essential Kit (not in picture) which are all the basic brushes that everybody needs who does and uses make-up versus the Synthetic Precision Kit (lower left) that retailed to $49.  I ended up getting the Precision Kit for one main reason, it's all about the face brushes for me right now. My eye shadow brushes are still in good condition and is still able to do its job that i thought buying the Essential Kit would be pointless.
But I'm not saying that I'm not planning on getting the Essential Kit but for now I'm gonna enjoy this new brushes for some advance face stuff. I really can't wait to play with this bad boys.
I also bought an E35 which is a blending brush. I couldn't resist buying it coz of the great reviews that I've seen on YouTube videos and on their site. Plus, I can never say no to blending brushes coz no one can have enough blending brushes. It's such an essential for me since I don't like those harsh lines on my shadow.
To my surprise, the free gift I got after spending $30 or more from their site is a E25 (lower right) which is a smaller version of the E35. I spent $107 all in all after using a 10% discount code provided by one of my favorite make-up gurus on Youtube, MakeUpByTiffanyD.

I was able to deep clean it last night so it should be ready to use by tonight. There was not too much shedding while cleaning the brushes and the handles are tightly attached which I liked. I can't wait for more purchases with Sigma Beauty in the future. I love the brushes so far and I haven't even used it. The packaging was amazing and it only took 3 days to be delivered in my door steps under priority mail.

If you wanna check out Sigma brushes CLICK HERE.

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