Julian Hakes Shoes

My friend posted this LINK on my fb page talking about shoes. It wont open on my iPhone so I immediately went to my work desktop to check it.

To my surprise, the Julian Hakes shoe showed up in 3d and I was more than mesmerized by its design and total fierceness and told myself I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!

I am no shoe or fashion expert but this is what I think on each design/color...

The basic black looks so hot and sexy.

The white is a lil scary to wear since I don't own any white stiletos. And isn't there a sacred rule about wearing white shoes or whatnot?

The neon pink and neon green is definitely not me but I still like how it accentuates the shows architeectural design.

I'd consider wearing this orange one only if 1 I'm in a tropical location wearing some hot beach dress or something. LOL!

Now lets talk about this Purple. HELL YAH I WOULD BUY THIS COLOR! Purple is my favorite color and I would rock this every time I can.

The shoe is designed by a London Architect, Julian Hakes and called it the Mojito shoe made out of carbon fiber.

What an interesting creation! It doesn't look comfy but who knows. Its structure is just hot! hot! hot!

not using xoxo,

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