New York!, New York!


I have been traveling around here and there playing volleyball tournaments but I'ts been awhile since I got excited like this about a trip. At first I'm just like bleh-I'm going to New York but now that we finally booked our tickets and doing some final touches to our trip, my excitement is just beyond words!!!

I had a chance to go to New York couple of years ago when my non-vball friends went to visit but I had to make a choice of not going due to financial incapacity to go. But this time is my chance to see what New York is all about. Of course, the volleyball is just a bonus but experiencing New York with some of my closest volleyball friends would make it extra special. I leave Wednesday night and get in at 7am together with Grimace and Big Momma Fish. Kane is coming in around 4pm while Josh n Ronald doesn't have their tickets yet. haha!
Can't wait! 3 1/2 more weeks! I'm definitely gonna be blogging about the trip.

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  1. great blog :D
    i wanna vist new york also , must be so shiny and great :D

    xx LOLa

    1. Hey Jinna! Thanks for the response. New York was nothing like I imagined. There was definitely appealing points and some disappointing things about that city. Regardless, I loved being there. I'm hoping to post some pictures from my trip soon. Stay tuned!