A weekend with MaxieBoo

I'ts been awhile since I had a post about MaxieBoo. He has been so busy with school that we barely see each other for the past months. I asked him if we can do something after his finals week and kick of spring break. We've been wanting to do a "stay over" night and just chill at home and catch up. At first he said that he had plans right after finals and as his "mom" I understand. Later on he sent me a text saying that we would be able to spend the weekend together which made me really excited!

The day of our stay over night, he woke me up with a not so funny text (just between us. lol) that he knew would totally throw me off. I got so mad that I even said my blood pressure instantly went up to 180/220. Haha! Maxie being his gullable self asked if I actually did check my blood pressure. He is so pretty sometimes. Haha!

He then asked me if I can go to a volleyball tournament the next day which I was originally planning on playing but I got my calendar mixed up. I told him I would only go if I get to play. So contacted couple of people and I found a team. It was pretty hard to play when you are not really in the zone. But we just made the most out of it and just glad we were there together and go to catch up with my BabyGurl Elliot.

Taken from the volleyball tournament.

I'm so glad we got to spend the whole weekend together and was able to catch up. I mean we text a lot almost everyday but once in awhile we need a "real talk" and time together which I think just binds us more.

Stolen shot taken by my BabyGurl while I was doing lines on the final match.

I ♥ me some MaxieBoo!

not using xoxo,

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