Walking into the most random event ever!!!

My friend Sean and I was so bored on a beautiful Saturday in Seattle and decided to walk at the neighborhood. It was finally a spring weather and it couldn't be more perfect of a weekend light.

On our way back, I can see this huge horse from a far at the middle island where people normally walk or run. I've seen this horse and the owner once before but I was alone and didn't have the courage to ask for a photo. This time was different, I knew that Sean was up for it so I asked. The owner was so nice and let me took a photo of him riding the horse and all of a sudden he asked if we wanted to ride "Lil Mama" (the horses name).

I said NO! out of being scared of that huge horse. The 1st and last time I rode a horse was when I was 7yo when we went to Bagiuo (summer capital of the Philippines). Sean immediately said yes and I got jealous (LOL) and didn't wanna miss the opportunity. Of course we wanted pics as well to document the randomness.

We giggled all the way back to the house coz of this random event. A horse in the city? Gotta love Seattle!!!

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