The Secret Flowers (part 2)

I never had a chance to update my entry I posted about the flowers I recieved so I thought I'd post a part 2 about it.

I missed my mani/pedi appointment that day coz it really bugged me that I was clueless on who sent those flowers to me. My dad started making fun of me coz I had a blank face and he could probably tell that my brain was just floating just thinking about it. Dad had the same guess as me but he was probably just thinking that coz of recent events.

I went to the movies to see my Hunger games that night. I was semi-arguing by text messaging with a friend about the flowers. He asked me if why is it so significant to know who those roses was from. He also asked why can't I just be happy that someone out there means that much to them. Well duh! Isn't important to know so it doesn't seem like stalker-ish? Haha! Couple of minutes before getting in the movies, I recieved a call from the flower delivery company and I don't even answer "UNKNOWN" numbers but I knew I had to answer that time. The agent gave me the name of the person who ordered it and it instantly warmed my heart. This person means the world to me and I love him so much. I'm sorry but I'm gonna leave him nameless for our bond is so special to me that bragging it to the world is not even essential to this story. We have a great relationship and would not exchange it for anything else.

I love you so much and I mean every word I tell you and about to tell you. I can't wait for what the future have for us and I'm looking forward to every single step of this friendship.

Again, Mahal na Mahal Kita!!! (I Love You Very Much!)

not using xoxo,

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