The Secret Flowers

I was on my way out to get my nails done when my dad stopped me and said I have a package delivery that came in today. I had to think about it coz I know all my online shopping came in already. I checked out the package and it was a flower delivery from FTD.com that came with a nameless card saying...

Dear Chanelle, You are one of the most beautiful I know. Thank you for all that you have done, and will continue to do. Words cannot describe how much you have touched my heart. I love you will all I have. <3<3<3

I opened the box and sure enough it was a dozen of gorgeous red roses with a note with no name. I immediately though of my MaxieBoo who has been really close to my heart lately. I gave him a ring but no answer but he called back right away. I asked him if the dozen of roses came from him but he said no.

Mixed of emotions started running in my head. Should I be bothered or flattered? What did I do to this person that I deserve this surprise from? What did I do to be appreciated like this?

I called the delivery company and was on hold for a bit. A lady answered named Leslie(?) and she said she is more than willing to help. She put me to hold to contact the person who ordered the flowers but unfortunately there was no answer. I left my number and she promised me a call back as soon as she gets an approval from the sender.

I am puzzled with who this would be. I appreciate the gesture of sending me flowers but I just wish I knew who you are.

I guess we all just have to wait.

not using xoxo,

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