A Very Fat Sunday

It was a disastrous Sunday for me but I am not complaining. This post is just basically about food porn Sunday that I just had yesterday.

I was gonna play volleyball with my kids BabyGurl and MaxieBoo but it wasn't a good turn out so we just decided to head out and have lunch. We ended up eating some Korean food at Kimchi Bistro which is a perfect place for a quick Korean lunch. I haven't been to this place in awhile.

I ended up ordering Beef Bulgogi which is normally my go to meal there and on the picture is BabyGurl's Veggie Tempura and Fried Gyoza. MaxieBoo ordered some soup that we couldn't pronounce its name. LOL! This meal was delish!

BabyGurl dropped me off at home so I can get ready for some Happy Hour with my Gaysha Kane and Hipster. We've scheduled this couple of days ago just to catch up after our New York trip. Our place of choice was Umi Sake House at Belltown. I haven't been here in years!!! The last time was when Hipster and Nakamura was still working there. I still consider this restaurant as one of the best sushi places here in Seattle.

Tarantual Extreme. It's not as Tarantula as I remember anymore coz the Avocado is not wrapped into the whole thing like it used to but it was still as good as I remember. We all shared one since Kane and his sister haven't been here before.

Now THIS is the reason why I got hooked with Green Tea Ice Cream.
This Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream is to die for! Eversince then I am hooked!
It's a must try!!!

When I was on my way home, JFern started texting me and wanted to go to a friends place to chill and have somoe BBQ that was orginally ordered for a picnic time that never happened. I literally coudn't eat anymore and can only handle one bite of it and a bottle of beer to finish my weekend.

Eventhough the BBQ looked divine I really couldn't handle anymore food in my system!

Well that was my fatsopiggy.com kind of Sunday. The sun was blasting all weekend and I'm hoping it continues until summer!
not using xoxo,

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