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I've been debating if I should open a Tumblr account for quite sometime now. It all started when Blogger semi crashed and postings from Blogpress pictures didn't show up for a week or so. I haven't rally had any long entry since then coz I'm scared that it will happen again which actually happened last week for a day. That made me decide to go ahead and open a Tumblr account.

Now how can manage two blog sites? I had to think about it and which entry goes to which site.

As we all know, Tumblr is known for reblogging and mostly used by younger generation who likes taking pictures and posting random whatnots. There's photos, video, notes, quotes, link options to choose from that easily separates it's posting on your site and it has been a trend in the blogging world to post the same. I tried doing it here on my Blogspot and it just didn't look right. It kinda looked cute but for me, I like my Blogspot for my longer entries and actually make it a diary.

Now that I have Tumblr, I can post random things that I just suddenly think of. Interesting pictures that I've seen, videos that I took, quotes that makes me giggle and links that interests me.

The biggest question I had when I opened my Tumblr account is that, "What happens to my Blogspot account?"

I started this account around 2009 when I was cleaning around my apartment and saw one of my diaries that kept since highschool back home. I read through it and had good laughs and memories of my younger years. So I thought of opening a blogger account and use it as my diary (hence my blog title). No, I didn't intend to post some private moments of my life nor share every single bit of it. (Ehhhh! U know what I mean)

Now I've decided that Imma keep both accounts even if blogpress/blogspot/blogger has een annoying lately. So much memories that I've started blogging here already and want that for keeps.

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