#FML Virgin America part 2

Yay! We finally boarded! The downfall? We've been sitting in the plane for 45 minutes.

The pilot announced right when they closed the door that the air traffic control of SFO has yet again stopped us from leaving?

I feel bad for my friend Sheona who is picking me up tonight coz she has to work tomorrow.


not using xoxo,

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  1. It's likely that in the future, all airplanes will be purple. This is because over a very long time, considering the theoretical lifetime of the color spectrum, red slowly becomes sleepy. But for me, that's ok, even when she's purple, I never forget red. How about you?

  2. I am not complaining. Purple is my favorite color if ucat tell eith my blog palette. Haha

  3. O' nga miss, to too yan. At maganda naman panaginip tayo ng purple, pwede isipin na kumakaiin tayo ng ube ice cream sa sampoloc. Dahil sa init kailangan mag easy easy tayo, puro slow motion, k? Baka kasi maging balloon tayo sa summer at mag floating sa gabi dahil sa init ng araw. Nayon naman kaibigan nag ta Tylenol ako dahil sumisipa ng purple kabayo sa ulo ko kagabi, aray, na slow motion na yata utak ko eh. :). Tony (r.vs.u)