#FML Virgin America

Totally a #FML moment!

I was rushing home today after getting done with work at 3pm so I can finish packing and get ready for my 715pm flight to San Francisco (I actually thought my flight was 730pm so I was running late). While I was all nervous in the cab heading to the airport I checked on my flight status on my phone and sure enough my flight is delayed.

I checked in my bags and all hoping that the delay won't go further. I've been in so much stress already trying to figure out how am I gonna be able to go around the city tomorrow and work on my passport renewal.

It's 930pm already and I'm still sitting here in the airport waiting for my flight to leave. Last that I checked, the estimated time of departure is 10pm but aren't we supposed to be boarding now?

The last time I flew with Virgin America was June 2010 for San Francisco Gay Pride I think. The same flight at 715pm and we didn't leave till 11pm. Please! I don't want a repeat!!!

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  1. The sun was erupting yesterday, and it nearly a full moon. These factors will be carefully imputed into the flight computers output. Safety is the new leisure. I'm sure the pilots are so totally ready to fly, like crazy horses staring at the delicious meadow that stretches on forever until the horizon collides with the pyramids of Aphrodite. Somewhere along the way we pass her as she whispers a melody of which we remember nothing whatsoever, only to awaken in the morning humming a song which reaches a drifting point which sounds something like the echo of exploding rainbows. Boom. Whil your waiting to fly away, have some chicharon, so I might imagine crunchy flavors, red lips, and a blonde stewardess with green lit eyes who ask politely, So crunchy and flavorful, would you like some cola?