Lunch lady is BACK!

I totally forgot that I ordered food for today from the lunch lady at work. She's been gone for couple of weeks/month an we miss her food and cheap deals.

We are having Sinigang (tamarind soup) and rice today, one of my favorites. She stopped by the ER to deliver food. And as I check the bag, she wrote "SUPER GANDA" meaning super beautiful which is hilarious coz before she went on leave it was just Ganda and now it went to the next level. Lol! I don't think she remembers my name that's why she gave me a nickname. Haha.

Not only my nickname went to the next level but her price went a dollar higher. ($7/meal) which is still not bad. It's home cooked meal and it gets delivered to my desk. Very comfy!

I'm glad lunch lady is back!

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  1. I LOVE SINIGANG. i had 2 (big) bowls last night

  2. i love how the ads that showed up on the right page is about DIET. lol

  3. Adsense is such a hater. Lol.
    I don't blame em though. I've een blogging about food a lot lately and tagging them as #fattyalert. Lmao