iPhone accident

I was out clubbing Friday night and was having too much fun with friends. Probably got a lil crazy too. I went to the restroom before the club closed and as I was washing my hands on the clogged sink my iPhone decided to jump from underneath my arms to the clogged puddle of water.

My phone won't turn on but I can see that it has power. It's probably the water inside. I didn't freak out until I got home after really realizing what happened. I immediately placed I inside a bag of rice since that's what I heard people have done before.

My phone phone was fine when I woke up the next day but I discovered that my on/off/sleep button on the upper right won't work and my camera turn red when I take pictures (at least it's working right?) I almost bought another phone the next day too thinking the iPhone4 was prolly cheap by now. But I remembered reading that the iPhone5 will soon come out on June. Plus I've been wanting to get a new digicam for awhile since I broke two a year or two ago.

Well for now I'm gonna have to deal with this At least my phone is still functional and I wast forced to buy a new phone knowing my contract is probably not up yet.

Crossing my fingers.

not using xoxo,

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