My Dear bJerkness

It was a night of mixed emotion for my friends and I that night but we are glad that he made a decision that will better his career. My dear friend Troy had his going away party Tuesday night at Autobattery Bar where he works and tons of my volleyball friends were there.

I've known Troy probably for 4 years now. I met him through my good friend (and amazing photographer) Nack when they started dating. We've gotten really close through out the years and traveled quite a few for volleyball tournaments. Denver and Chicago was my unforgettable trips with him probably. Tons of volleyball and tons of booze. We actually became Tequilla partners in crime (when i used to drink and love tequilla back then... not that much no more)

With people deciding to move and have moved for the past year, it simply breaks my heart that another one of my closest friends are leaving (i didnt write about the others just coz...). Troy has grew in my heart and will always treasure him as a friend. My grill master (he makes amazing barbecues and kababs. YUM!), my tequilla partner, the person I mess with in volleyball for screwing up and above all a friend that I can laugh with.

I'm gonna miss you bJERKness (what i call him on my volleyball blog, and that's his last name) and as promised we will see each other still and travel together. Love you!

Troy and I in front of Autobattery while Cody decides to photobomb us with his nipple. LOL!

Autobattery has this Table Shuffleboard that all of us enjoyed playing that night. It's the closest I can get with Curling which I've been wanting to play for years. Cody and I won couple of rounds before getting knocked out (winner stays) by 1 point. =(

O M G ! 
Right next door from Autobattery is this amazing hotdog place. You can actually order from Autobattery and enjoy your food at the bar. But I decided to check the place out myself.

I ended up ordering Morning Glory Dog which has Scrammbled eggs, Tillamook Cheddar and topped with Pepper Bacon. Pic above is from google images. I got carried away and ate the hotdog before taking a picture. haha. You can check them out at Po Dogs.

not using xoxo,

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