The Power of UDPP

I recently repurchased the Urban Decay Primer Potion but what I'm excited about is that they got rid of the wand and exchange it with a squeeze tube. 

I'm not gonna lie, when I go out I mostly just pass out when i get home and not even wash my face or wipe of  my make up with wipes. I know its bad! The next day for 2 consecutive Sundays now, I would go to my moms apartment next door for lunch and she would ask me where i'm going. "No where" my usual reply. And she asked why do I have my face done.

That's the power of UDPP! It's one of my favorite eyeshadow primers. It has such an amazing hold and prevents my eye shadow to crease. Just like the picture above, no re-applying, no retouches. That eye shadow was seriously done from the previous night. 


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