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So my mom, brother and I have talked about moving to either an apartment or a house (to rent) since we found out that out rent in our downtown apartment that we've been living (2 separate units) are increasing our rent. Nothing to crazy with the total increase for a downtown 1 bedroom apartment but since we are paying for two then we thought why not move to another place. (my dad is here too but he will just go with whatever decision we make. Lol) So we all started searching websites and getting ideas from people and then I saw an ad on Craigslist about this 3 bedroom house in Beacon Hill (Asian Hill as I call it). Funny thing is tat when I used to work in the area, my bud would pass by that house everyday an I would look at it but u have no clue why.

Anyways, I sent the ad to my brother and he emailed the landlord and we immediately got a response and scheduled us to view the house. Days later, we went there and was ready to check it out. But the landlord never showed up and I thought, ok this might be a scam. My brother called the landlord and he totally mixed up his scheduled so he just called the present tenant to give us a tour. When you get in the house, you immediately see a spacious living room an as you walk further down would be the masters bedroom on the left. To the right is a hallway leading to the 2nd room and a restroom and as you turn right again is the kitchen (so basically it's like a letter U motion). In the middle of the U area is a door going downstairs. I immediately fell inlove with the downstairs area that has a family area, another huge kitchen space and counter. A separate restroom, laundry machines (hallelu! I've been wanting my own) and two small rooms which I immediately visualized as my room and make-up/closet studio. The backyard door is there too which serves as a private door downstairs too. I wanted that space right away. Privacy... A must.

The landlord called us couple of days later as we passed our application an gave us a warning that another family is interested and if we really wanted to go thought the process knowing that we can possibly not or whatnot. I got discouraged but then later on the same week we heard from him saying that we got the house...
to be continued...

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