Sugar Bakery + Cafe

I don't normally do this reviews and stuff but I just want to share this lil cafe by my work place. I've always seen Sugar and just walk by it. I love cupcakes, pastries, cookies, cakes (you get the idea) and all but it's not something that I crave for in a regular basis. Erica, a nurse that I work with got me hooked on going to Sugar.

It started by asking me to walk with her to get her lunch not until she introduced me to Tomato Basil soup. Tomato soup? Eeks!!! That was my first reaction. She finally convinced me to at least give it a try partnered with some good breadsticks (they ran out today... Sad) which she is super obsessed with. She then reminded me how she can't stop eating a BLT sandwich and sure enough Sugar offers it too in a Grilled bread. Yummy!

Now, I'm super obsessed with this combo that comes with a cookie (I ate the snicker doodle on my walk back and never made it on the table. It was so good!lol). Meanwhile, Erica already moved on from Tomato Basil soup to White Bean soup and of course a breadstick. I was so happy that even our cafeteria started serving it. Haha!

If you haven't checked out Sugar Bakery + Cafe, then click on the link to check out what they got to offer. It's up in Madison st. On First Hill.

Did I mention their Red Velvet Cupcakes are so good as well?

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