Kobe Bryant in Manila part 2

Just to make it clear, I am still not a big fan of Kobe Bryant, well I was but just not lately.

BUT! I thought it was pretty cool that Kobe chose to wear my Alma Maters (GO FEU) jersey on top of all the participating schools of UAAP (its like NCAA here in the states). You can totally tell all the players were trying to have him wear their school jerseys. This gave some predictions that FEU might just take this seasons championship. haha!

What I dont get on this video was the crowds response. OK! He is freakin Kobe Bryant. But as what my brother (who is a basketball player and a fan) said after watching the video, he didnt even try or even did something amazing. He leveled with the play and didnt try to show off to much but the crowd were going crazy even when he was just warming up.

Enough of the hating... But thank you Kobe for up lifting the filipino spirit and athletes on doing what they love to do.

Here is the video...

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