BAM! Alexis Mateo


I totally forgot to upload this entry since I've been really busy since we moved to a new house. I haven't even had a chance to sort out and unpack a lot of my stuff.

I'm super excited to share that I have met my second (I know I'm waaay behind) Rupaul's Drag Race alumni. I was so excited when I found out that the Rican beauty and Queen of BAM! will be visiting Seattle and will be performing at my favorite club Rplace.

I have met Jujubee couple of weeks prior to this. (too bad Jujubee wasn't on face but oh well) and it is just perfect for Alexis to follow thru.

Although I wasn't able to see her perform, I still made it to meet and greet after the show. My friend La Saveonna Hunt (far left) who also performs at Rplace really clicked with Alexis. she asked me if I wanna meet her and of course I won't say no to that.

Huge thanks to Bronson's (far right) iPhone 4 we got to snap a picture with her. La Saveonna mentioned that Alexis was craving for some Mexican food and it was perfect because we always go to this Mexican fast food couple of blocks up from the club after a crazy night.

I couldn't stop myself to steal a picture of Alexis after staring at her almost the whole night. I am big with make-up and I couldn't help but study what she has in. Bitch was fierce and barely has any contour in her face. I see a lot of highlight underneath the eyes and jst a simple blush away from the apples of her cheeks. And I couldn't deny admiring her work with her eyeshadow. Simple yet fabulous. I'm gonna try to achieve this look someday. Haha!

I wonder who's next on the list. After hanging out with her I was actually thinking of Raja and I am soooo mad to find out that Raja (or Sutan that night) was at Rplace the next night after not making to her commitment in Vancouver B.C. Someday...

not using xoxo,

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