Neil Etheridge for Folded & Hung

I finally gave in and posting an entry that involves an Azkal (Philippine National Team for Soccer). But don't blame me but this is just to HOT to pass.

Not to get outdone by the Younghusband brothers and the rest of the Azkals players or the huge ads of the Volcanoes (Philippine National team for Rugby) along EDSA that was put down, Neil Etheridge posed for Folded & Hung as their latest endorser.

I just didn't get into posting stuff about it just coz I think these athletes are getting (almost) exploited. Sex sells YES! And who am I to say NO to their HOT pictures. But I think there's other ways to get these athletes involved without them having to be in their underwear.

But then, here I am staring at Neil's picture. Lol!

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