Puma Faux Pas?

My coworkers and I always rock the black pants and Puma sneakers at work. We walk a lot back and forth from our desk to patients room a lot, our Puma's are really comfortable and is just better/wiser than being on heels all the time. (I still love my heels though!)

"Unfortuantely", one of us (out of 3) seem like faking the Puma's. We always make fun on how she has this open shoe thingie and she would use Puma socks and it makes it look like she is wearing Puma's just like us most especially from a far. She refused for me to put her name out there or even tag the picture on facebook. Haha!

Is this a Puma Faux Pas?

1 comment:

  1. Definite Puma faux pas.. Tell her, Girl get yo stuff together.. You're ruining the flow.. lol