Seafair 2011

It's time again for one of Seattle's biggest annual event.

For over 60 years, Seafair has been about community events, parades, Miss Seafair, the Navy and Coast Guard, amateur athletics, airplanes and of course boat racing.

I was lucky enough to snap a picture of the Blue Angels rehearsal (much awaited event of the weekend) since they've been flying around where I work at. My dad is a huge fan of the Blue Angels since he always wanted to be a pilot and I can't wait to share this to him.

It's a promising sunny weekend and It should be a fun filled Seafair weekend this year.

Visit the Seafair website for more details.

... I posted this pic on mg fb page as well and mom said the view from our backyard with the blue angels is prettier since we just moved across the freeway from Boeing. Can't wait!

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