Lake Ohop Fun


I was able to do something this summer and get to play in the sun. Chuck and Vka invited us once again at Lake Ohop where Chuck's family has a cabin by the lake. We went twice last summer and this is our first one this year.

It took about a week of planning after the invite came out. We had to finalize who will make it and setup food assignments for each meal so that its everybody gets to have their own share of just hanging out and who takes care of each meal. And knowing us, we can eat! Haha!

I wasn't able to capture some pictures but thanks to J who has her camera over the weekend.

Tavita and the kids were the first ones who jumped in the lake...

Setting up the tents. There was at least 18 of us that weekend and the cabin has limited space so some of us needed to sleep in the tents. I loved it!

Warming up by posing before building our tents. LOL!

Chuck was first to set up and just fixing the inside of the tent

Jaquan was teaching Elijah how to sunbath and dry up

Let the fun begin!!! Everybody by the dock. Bronson, Chuck and I enjoying our beer by the floating island

The pontoon wont work at first but eventually did. I don't think any of us had our phone or cameras when we went for a ride :(

Dinner time for the kids. Spaghetti and Caesars Salad for the first night

So here's the game ... Whoever was the last to touch the ball will have to jump in the water and get it. Guess who got to jump in the water first?

Yup! It was David.

Everybody was just chillin' and enjoying some music

Vka and David up for some trouble

As we watch them waiting for their plan.

LOL! Uncle G has a better shot of this. David sets Vka the ball and Vka turns around trying to hit the ball to J who was closer taking their picture.

Bitter and I by our tent.

Who looks more asian? David or J?

WERQ! La Saveona Hunt giving it!

Momma Lei made Noodles for lunch together with Vka's Tuna Spread and Auntie Dale grilled some Chicken and I fried a tray of Lumpia. Too bad nobody took a picture. haha!

But the grand daddy of food preparation. I don't know where to start but we had Crabs, Scallops, Mussels, Corn, Portugese Sausage, Lau Lau (hawaiian dish) all cooked/steamed in 1 pan. And Keoki grilled some Chicken and Kalbi ribs that Bronson made. It was a delicious feast!

Saturday night bonfire and drinks after a long day of fun. This is how we would end our day. Just gather around the fire and talk stories and tons of laughter. That weekend, Tavita introduced us to the "name game" where you throw out names (there's rules of course but im not gonna get into that. lol).

I love this shot of Tavita and Elijah.

The ever so cute Malia.

Justin danced some Hula for us.


So Sweet these two!

Sidepony and I catching up and talking stories.

I setup my mat by the tents away from the fire coz I didn't want to smell like bonfire smoke and it was perfect location where we can see everyone

Tavita had this Shark sweater. It was so cute. haha!

There was no pictures the next day coz J had to leave Saturday night to study but she posted these pictures that night so I guess she didn't really study that night? LOL!

It was not just us that weekend. Kaipo (Auntie Dale and Uncle G's dog) and Kaimana (Keoki and Sidepony's dog) was there too. They had a lot of fun as much as we did at the lake.

Be ready for dog cuteness overload ...


She kept running all day and she was exhausted!

Kaimana and Kaipo fighting over the toy

Kaimana knew what was about to happen while Sidepony was giving her a hug and saying her sorry already

Momma had to let her go and learn how to swim. Poor baby was so scared fighting Sidepony.

She did great swimming with her life jacket

And what a smart girl getting on the the island float to get out of the water

 Kaipo check on Kaimana if she was ok after getting pushed

I had so much fun that weekend. I needed a quick getaway after stressing about moving to a new house (working on an entry about that).

Everybody started heading out Sunday morning after cleaning up and packing our stuff and the cabin. After playing some games and drinking some beer by the fire we all left the cabin and headed home.

I had to snap some pictures of the kids on our way home. I think they were more tired than us.

Malia held Chucks arms the entire way home. It was so adorable to look at.

While Elijah sat at the back with me looking all exhausted.

Thank you so much Chuck and Vka!!! And thanks to J and Sidepony for the pictures.

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