Bekimon: Globe Tatt Awards

As what I've mentioned before, I've followed Bern/Mudak/Bekimon's career since he started his YouTube videos. I'm really happy that he has grown coming from his YouTube Channel to being seen in the {somewhat} mainstream Philippine television.

Just recently Bern was nominated in the Globe Tatt Awards under the Video Slinger Category and I strongly believe he deserves this award.

What does this mean?
Globe Tatt awards is a contest by Globe (Philippines). 5000 nominees were cut down to 50. There are 10 categories and 5 finalists were left for each category. Bekimon is on the Video Slingers category... The category is for people who made a remarkable influence to the world through videos...

Why does he deserve the award?
Bekimon is the only one who has done a lot after he blew up the Internet and got into acting and hosting. He continues to make people laugh and entertaining people in the most positive way he can.

How to vote?
1. Go to Globe Tatt Awards website
2. Look for the Video Slinger Category
3. Hit VOTE! (Voting open from August 10-24, 2011)
4. Retweet on Twitter, Repost on Facebook and spread the word in every social networking sites.

It's that easy. Help out Bekimon and VOTE as he continue to entertain all of us thru his talents.

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