Lil things that makes me happy

I love flowers, I just do.
But what makes it more special is when I recieve flowers from people who is really close to my heart and I truly care about. I'm not gonna lie, when it comes to surprises, Boo knows how to get me. He texted me and asked if he can come over and arrived with this Stargazer Lily. He always gets it right. As we both say it, its that weird connection. I've loved stargazers since I've first seen it. I remember putting it on my ear when I used to join pageants when swimsuit competition is up. Haha! But the smell of it is just amazing, my living room smells so good whenever I get home.

Anyways, small gestures like this makes me so happy and warms my heart. Lil things that makes us happy as they say but the true meaning of it will always be treasured inside my heart.

Mahal na Mahal kita!!!

not using xoxo,


  • I had a pretty boring days off. I was feeling sick that started Wednesday night and had a 2 days rest Friday and Saturday.
  • I struggled sleeping last night and kept coughing prolly in a good 45 minutes.
  • it's Monday, so you know how we all feel about that ;)

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