Sunday cooking

Three friends, same hangover from Saturday night and hungry...
That's who we are last night. Sean, Tyra and I was debating last night if we should order Italian delivery or cook. The thing is we were to tired and hang over from Saturday night that we didn;t even do anything all day but lay down and sleep. We got left overs from the party for lunch but didn't wanna eat the same thing for dinner. 

We found the motivation to get up at 8pm finally and went to the store to get ingredients for our Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe I found online. But of course, being the big gurls that we are, we also got Tomato Basil Bisque which is my favorite ever and added some Garlic bread which seals the deal. I had a bottle of Merlot at home that went perfectly with the whole meal. 

Not gonna lie, Sean did most of the cooking while I was burried with all the dishes that needed to be done and Tyra prepared the soup and garlic bread. Everything turned out to be great and surprisingly we barely even ate. The Alfredo was barely touched, the same way with the soup and bread. Everything was heavinly filling. I'm looking forward for eating left overs tonight though... All on my own!!!

not using xoxo,

Current knick-knacks:
  • I had a super fun spontaneous weekend with my friends like usual.
  • What made it extra amazing is I had a 3 nights and 3 days with Boo. It's been a long time since we spent a long weekend together. It made me realize more how much I miss him.
  • Went to a friends party and it amazes me how guys testosterone really comes out when they are intoxicated. People never learn how to put their alcohol in their tummy and not their heads.
  • I'm totally addicted with some Youtuber's and I love how they all get together and see videos and pictures online. They are all in Florida for Playlist live. Can't wait for more internet findings.
  • It's Monday and I can't even express how happy my heart is from the weekend! Mahal Kita!

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