San Jose 2013

I can't believe that its been a month and I still haven't finalized this blogpost. I ws waiting on some pictures to come up and this is the best that I can find from our trip to San Jose for a volleyball tournament (like usual) but above all, to hang out with tons of friends. 

The night before we left, Bitter, Sean and Tyra decided to stay at my house so that we can just get shuttled from one area to the airport. It's much easier and we get to have some drinking night as well... again, like usual. Haha! On top of that, I was of course packing last minute. Nothing new with that with my travels!

Photo time while hanging out and drinking. This was our usual situation. My sofa bed on the living room spread open and Bitter (at the very back) would be under the sheets. And next thing you know...

This happens!!! He always passes out in the middle of our good times! What the hell?!?

We got into San Francisco and got to our hotel where our friend Roel works and hooked us up with a room. Nothing fancy but it was a decent hotel room that we just needed. Little did I know there's gonna be tons of us in one wing of the hotel. All Pinoys (Filipinos) ! All Bakla's (Gays)! We took a nap when we got there to catch up with some zzz's from the previous night. I didn't even sleep coz I was more entertained drinking versus packing. We finally ventured out lil before 2pm after having a slight delay with our car situation.

I remember this joint that my friend Junarta took Mappy (from Chicago) and I when we visited 2 years ago for the Sacramento tournament. The filipino joint called Tselogs was so good that I wanted the "ladies" to experience as well. As soon as we got there our eyes was feasting over the menu for we all wanted ever single item. Good thing there was 4 of us that we can all order different kinds to share and experience. We all agreed to order the specialty of the house like Tapsilog, Tocilog, Sisigsilog and the likes. But what is a filipino breakfast without some Garlic rice and some Lumpia on the side. It was just as good as I remember, if not better. We were all full and was ready to nap again. 

But since we are by the city already, why not see the Golden Gate bridge? I've seen the bridge numerous times and I've been with Bitter there, Bitter and Sean has seen it together but Tyra has never seen it and the look on her face was priceless.

I've never driven at the bay before whenever I visit but this time was different. Since I was more familiar of the area I was the designated driver for the tour. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but I just hate driving more so in a place where I'm not as familiar with the driving situation.

Tyra snapped some pictures right away!
 (which she still yet to post explaining the delay of this post)

I took the same shot the last time I was there on July last year.
When Bitter and I was there moons ago, we were only able to see the view from the other side of the bridge but this was better. You have the view of the city and a nice view of Alcatraz as well.

We then rushed back to our hotel to get ready for our registration for the tournament. Imagine 4 people with one shower/restroom is kinda chaotic (maybe smelly lol).

It was so good to see my Chics again!

A group pic with Panda, me, BJ and Chics at Hi Tops in Castro area.

It's always good to see this guy. 
We got hungry on our way back after the rather boring clubbing night at Castro. The Cafe was not the ticket that night! So I called "Daddy" for our usual... Jack in the Box!!! He drove all the way from Sunnyvale which was quite a distance from where we were staying at but because he loves me so much, he'd do it anyways. LOL!

Meet the 2 lovebirds. You should have seen the twinkle in their eyes once they saw each other. It was so cute. Almost puppy love. No, they are not together but we just kept insisting that they look cute together. Haha!

Game time!!!

The competition was pretty good like every year that I've been there. This tournament is close to my heart because it was one of the tournaments when I started traveling for volleyball. I've met so much people who I still treasure to this day.

This is Daddy's baby Baileigh who I adore.

Being silly with Baileigh!

Daddy trusted me to bring her outside with me coz I promised her that we would go to the park. 
She saw this dog (forgot the name) and got so excited!

This is a pic of us when she was 4 months old in Vegas and now turning 3 at the Bay.
I can't believe how fast she's grown. She was just in her mom's belly when I first met Daddy.

After pool play on Saturday, we were so excited about partying all together at the hotel. There was tons of us there and I can't believe we were able to fit in one room. Dudz, Heart, Tony and JenJen presented their business but I could tell not even half way thru it that everyone was just excited to drink and party it up.

Here's is my team at the tournament...
Team SuperFish!!!
(L-R) Panda, Koi, Momma Fish, Smash, Scruff, BJ and Angry Bird)
We did well in the tournament and progressed nicely unfortunately we didnt medal.
But what matters is that we had fun and fought a good battle.

Here is a cute action shot from the tournament

I played libero like usual and good thing my knees held pretty nicely all weekend.

This next series of pictures was when most of us got together at the other gym while watching the semi-finals til finals. Ok, let's be honest... we barely watched any games but there was a beer garden and other drinks around so we just started the party right there and then. 

Trying to do a nice group pic...

And this where it got all crazy. LOL!

Never trust those red cups!

Immitating the Charlie's Angels with Tati and Victoria

The San Jose NAGVA Spice Gurls!!!

Another family pic with Daddy, Ninz and Peachy.
I love them so much!

A picture with Daddy while we were at Ninz place with everybody drinking the night away.

I didn't get to sleep before our flight home. Went back to the hotel after driving the drunk baklas. Took a shower and took off to the airport. We even left Ian at the hotel coz he won't wake up but miraculously made it to the airport in time.

My first night back home, Daddy Facetimed me and look who it is... Baby Baileigh!!!
We got to chat a lil bit and missing her so much that night.. Ok Daddy, you too.

It was a fun trip over all like always. Our family is growing with newer generation of volleyball players coming in. I feel so old around them but keep me young coz all we do is laugh about everything and anything!
Can't wait to see everyone next month for a real vacation in LA. No volleyball tournaments and just pure vacation!

not using xoxo,