Life according to Tumblr/Instagram - February

I can't believe another month has passed. Days are just going by so fast at times or recently A LOT!
It looks like Beyonce won the battle again. It was definitely another Beyonce month coz of the Vogue magazine I got from the mail, her Mrs. Carter Show that's coming up together with our tickets coming in to see the show in Dallas in July (SO EXCITED!!!). My love for Logan Tom, USA Volleyball Outside Hitter continues as well. and if you click on the picture you'll see a lil something something of Channing Tatum on the upper right ;)

I played in a USAV tournament as well and won gold with some amazing people. Had a blast playing but you know... when you are on top some people would drag you down and can't accept the defeat. I am also a proud new "auntie". My sister just had her 3rd baby and it was a boy this time. Yay!!!

I'm looking forward for what March brings to me. So far it't been a good  year and hopefully it continues better and better.

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