MAC Rebel

Speaking of bold lips from my recent post...
I went to the MAC store this weekend and brought me some empty MAC pots and do my "Back to MAC" contribution. It's been awhile since I've done this since I can't find the pots that I have kept for so long but I think I lost it when we moved to the house. 
Anyways, I have been eyeing this lipstick since I saw it on some beauty guru's on YouTube. A lot of the guru's went crazy over this color and used it either daytime or nightime. I thought I'd venture on it as well and see where it leads me. So far I'm loving it and used it over the weekend when my friends and I (finally) decided to go out to the bars.

And here is the look I came up with. I know it's a lil matchy matchy with the Rebel lipstick and Purple and Pink Eyeshadow. Just playing around with my favorite colors. I don't normally wear lashes either, thanks to my parents who gifted me with long thick lashes... just add mascara. 

Trying out something new with make-up is a good thing. You discover looks that works and doesn't work for you. Make-up should be fun and that's what I normally go for!

not using xoxo,

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